Power Up With Cross Electric

Portable generators and heaters in Huntingtown and Annapolis, MD

If you own a home or business, you know the importance of steady electrical power. But sometimes, your electrical problems are completely out of your control. Be prepared in the event of an electrical outage by buying a generator for your residential or commercial space. Cross Electric provides portable generators and heaters for property owners in Huntington, Annapolis and the surrounding areas.

3 reasons to buy a generator for your home or office

Don’t think a generator is critical for your residential or commercial property? Here are three reasons that will change your mind.

  • You’ll stayed sheltered during a storm. When the power goes out, a generator has your back.
  • You’ll keep your critical appliances running. Don’t let the food in your refrigerator spoil.
  • You’ll minimize business downtime. Get back to business, no matter your electrical problems.

If you want to purchase a new generator or repair your existing one, call Cross Electric right away. We serve homeowners and business owners in the Huntingtown and Annapolis areas of Maryland. You can reach us at 443-871-7898.